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✒️ Apply Content Marketing Strategy that Bridge Global Ambitions and Local Nuances.

🚀 Elevate SEO Rankings & Traffic with Easy-to-Understand Tips & Tricks.

🥇 Transform Leads into Sales through Crafting Quality Content.

🥂 Steer Your Growth in Asian Markets with Actionable Content Strategies.

Content Marketing & Business Services

I share professional content marketing and SEO knowledge, assisting businesses to amplify their unique voice and achieve their objectives in dynamic Asian markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan and more.


Get to the Top of Google SERP and much more – You are building a conversion funnel that turns search traffic into loyal customers.

Content Strategy

Create and localize your content marketing in Cantonese, Mandarin, or English for your target audience in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore,  and other Asian Markets.

eCommerce Consulting

Create the right marketing and sales channels that cater to the local habits, shopping trends, payment infrastructure and regulations.

Meta Ads

Plan, create, set up and optimize your ads on Facebook and Instagram. Provide analytics and insights on your social media advertising strategy.

Google Ads

Run Google Ads campaign on your budget. Manage and optimize your search ads, display ads, app promotion ads, YouTube video ads, and shopping ads.

HK Business Services

Work with accountants and company secretaries to assist you with setting up a company and business bank accounts in Hong Kong, localizing your business in Asia effortlessly.

Content Marketing Insights

Insurance SEO

Insurance SEO: The Challenges and the Map to Success

Unlock the secrets of insurance SEO to propel your business to the top of search rankings. Learn how to tackle challenges and convert high traffic into sales by adding a human touch. Master the art of digital visibility and customer engagement.

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Who am I?

Hello! I am Manson – A Content Marketer & Personal Finance Writer based in Hong Kong.

I specialize in content marketing and localization services that help worldwide clients bring their businesses into Hong Kong, Singapore and broader Asian markets.

I come from a journalism background where I have been trained to be an efficient writer and storyteller. I write user-friendly and highly engaging content for my clients, which successfully helps companies achieve high rankings on Google and covert the audience at the same time.

Let’s Work Together!

Share with me your goals, and I will give you interesting ideas.
Don’t hesitate to send me an email at hello@manson.space