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A woman is writing or proofreading.

Proofreading is damn boring. Here’s how to get the job done less arduously.

Life isn’t interesting all the time, is it? Here’s what a writer or an editor can do to get the proofreading work done at ease.

Hong Kong

Must-Do SEO Localization Tips that Help Foreign Businesses Succeed in Hong Kong

How to get your SEO strategy right if you are a foreign business looking to triumph in Hong Kong? Localization plays a considerably determining role.

遙距工作300日:從Work From Anywhere變WFH是一種倒退

WFH在全球實驗了大半年,結果怎樣?所謂WFH,精粹是Work From Anywhere,不一定局限於在家中;自由自在的遙距工作,跟為防疫而WFH是兩碼子的事。

Who am I ?

Hello! I am Manson – A Content Marketer & Personal Finance Writer based in Hong Kong. I specialize in content marketing and Chinese / Cantonese localization for businesses and eCommerce clients worldwide.

I come from a journalism background where I have been trained to be an efficient writer and storyteller. I write user-friendly and highly engaging content and have produced successful pieces of content for my clients worldwide. Some examples include:

  • Ranked #1 on Google for dozen of highly competitive financial services keywords, generating a 6-digit monthly organic traffic for a FinTech startup
  • Tripled the sales of an eCommerce website in 6 months by localizing the content for Hong Kong and Taiwan audience

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