Hi!I’m Manson, a Content & SEO Strategist Working Remotely in Hong Kong.

 I am a Content Marketer & Personal Finance Writer based in Hong Kong. I specialize in content marketing and Chinese / Cantonese localization for businesses and eCommerce clients worldwide.

I come from a journalism background where I have been trained to be an efficient writer and storyteller. I write user-friendly and highly engaging content and have produced successful pieces of content for my clients worldwide.

I have worked with multiple news organizations and brands, agencies, and SMEs throughout the past 10 years, telling stories of people and brands with a human-centred approach.


More About Me


Number of pageviews of my personal finance articles written for HK audience


Increased the sales of an European online store using localization strategy

11 yrs

writing experience as a content marketer and journalist

Amplify Your Voice with Better Content

I am obsessed with and specialized in creating highly effective marketing and editorial content, with a focus on:


SEO Strategy

helps clients gain a massive volume of organic traffics and gegerate high-quality leads


Localization Projects

mobile apps, SaaS and eCommerce websites for Hong Kong and Greater China markets


Content Marketing

content creation, UX writing, social media, Google Ads, email marketing & more

Brands I Worked With