Paid Advertising Case Study: Driving User Acquisition and Market Expansion for a Live Stream Shopping App

Project Summary

The client, a Singaporean and Hong Kong startup team, developed a dynamic live stream shopping app catering to diverse interests. This app offers engaging live shows in various categories: fashion and beauty, yoga and fitness, wine, mental health, comedy, food, and more. It also serves as an online marketplace for fashion and beauty items. The target audience primarily consists of females in their 20s to 40s. My digital marketing solution for them encompassed Google Ads and Meta Ads campaigns, leading to significant user acquisition and market expansion.

live shopping app case study

Client’s Challenge

The client faced several challenges, including being a newly launched live stream shopping app with limited brand awareness and a high user acquisition cost. As the app was in its early stages, the client had not yet validated the market or found the optimal marketing strategy to drive user acquisition effectively.  The initial App campaign on the Google Display Network (GDN) resulted in a cost per install of approximately HK$30, highlighting the need for a optimized marketing strategy.


The primary objective of the project was to address the client’s pain points by lowering the high user acquisition cost, validating market traction, and expanding the app’s reach across multiple countries.

Strategy and Implementation

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Google Ads: To achieve the objectives, firstly, I optimized the Google Ads App Campaign settings and tailored the content angles to align with the live shows on the platform, catering to the target audience’s interests. This strategy aimed to reduce user acquisition costs and drive higher engagement.

Meta Ads: Additionally, I ran campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to promote brand awareness, new live shows, and exclusive shopping offers on the app. These campaigns were designed to enhance brand awareness, introduce new live shows, and highlight exclusive shopping offers available on the app.

With these optimized digital campaigns, I extended their marketing efforts beyond Hong Kong and reached a wider audience in the Asia Pacific by targeting key countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United States, aiming to expand the app’s user base and increase market traction.

The Results

Enhanced App Downloads and User Acquisition on Google Ads

By implementing strategic Google Ads (GDN App Campaign), I effectively optimized the user acquisition cost for the live stream shopping app, resulting in a remarkable 80% reduction in cost per install. The campaign’s success is evident as the cost per install in Hong Kong decreased significantly from HK$30.18 in September 2021 to just HK$6.34 per install in January 2022. This achievement underscores the efficacy of the targeted approach.

live stream Case Study: Live Shopping App User Acquisition

Expanded Market Reach With Low Cost

Expanding beyond Hong Kong, I executed successful App Campaigns across Southeast Asia and North America. This resulted in more than 26,000 app downloads within a span of six months. The user acquisition cost was remarkably low, reaching HK$6.56 per app download.

Expanded Market Reach With Low Cost Case Study: Live Shopping App User Acquisition

Boosted Brand Awareness with Meta Ads

To drive brand awareness and promote the app’s live shows and exclusive shopping offers, I conducted targeted Ads campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Despite the highly competitive fashion and beauty market, the cost per click remained around HK$4-$5, effectively driving traffic to the landing pages.

Boosted Brand Awareness with Meta Ads

Increased Social Media Organic Engagement

In addition to managing their Google Ads and Meta Ads campaigns, I also took charge of the client’s Instagram account. By implementing a tailored social media strategy, we successfully doubled the audience within a three-month period, fostering increased engagement and brand loyalty.

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The live stream. shopping app achieved remarkable results throughization of the Google Ads App Campaign, targeted social media campaigns, and expansion into new markets. User acquisition costs were significantly reduced, engagement was enhanced, and the app successfully reached a wider audience, driving its overall success and growth.