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Digital Marketing Case Study

Untitled design 20 SEO Case Study and Portfolio

Boosting Global Presence for A Web3 Product Design Agency

Discover how strategic SEO optimization amplified a Taiwan-based Web3 UX agency’s global visibility, and led to community growth and industry leadership.

live shopping app case study

Driving User Acquisition and Market Expansion for a Live Stream Shopping App

Discover how a live stream shopping app applies strategic marketing optimization in major cities like Hong Kong and Singapore to achieve remarkable user acquisition, cost reduction, and growth.

crypto jpg SEO Case Study and Portfolio

Boosting Crypto User Acquisition with SEO for a Top Personal Finance Platform in Hong Kong

Explore how I amplified user growth for a leading finance platform in Hong Kong by optimizing SEO strategy for crypto and Web3 content.

London-based Banking App

Market Validation: A UK Banking App’s Expansion into Hong Kong and Singapore

Discover how a UK banking app validated market demand in Hong Kong and Singapore through strategic marketing using social media and Google Ads.

4 SEO Case Study and Portfolio

Salvaging Failed SEO for a UX Design Agency

Explore how tailored SEO strategies revived the online presence of a UX design agency, salvaging their previously failed SEO efforts and driving visibility, engagement, and organic lead generation.

1 SEO Case Study and Portfolio

Boosting Non-Brand SEO Traffic for a Loan Service Startup in Asia

Case Study: Explore how a holistic SEO strategy increased a loan service startup’s non-branded traffic by 3,790% and domain rating by 186% in 12 months.