SEO Case Study: Revitalizing the Online Presence of a UX Design and Development Agency

Project Summary

This project involved Search Engine Optimization for a UX design and development agency based in Hong Kong and Australia. Struggling with low organic traffic due to an unsuccessful engagement with a different marketing agency, the client reached out to me and sought to identify and rectify the shortcomings of the past SEO strategy.

The tailored solution combined in-depth keyword research, content strategy, technical SEO improvements, strategic backlink creation, and broad media exposure via a press release. After seven months, the client’s website experienced a significant increase in visibility and engagement and, most importantly, began generating organic leads, effectively onboarding new clients via SEO.

4 Case Study: Salvaging Failed SEO for a UX Design Agency

Client’s Challenge

The client, a Website and mobile app User Experience (UX) design and development agency, operates in both Hong Kong and Australia. Despite their previous engagement with a marketing agency, they struggled with an underperforming website that was failing to generate organic traffic.

After a year with the previous agency, their SEO traffic was virtually non-existent, and the efforts seemed ineffective. The strategies implemented by the previous agency, primarily focusing on irrelevant backlinks and neglecting content solutions, had not yielded the desired results. Moreover, the client’s website had technical issues and slow loading speeds that were hampering growth.


The primary objectives of the project included identifying the reasons for the previous project’s failure and implementing effective strategies to rectify them. The client wished to overcome these problems, improve their SEO performance, and start generating leads through their website.

Strategy and Implementation

I formulated a multifaceted solution to address the client’s unique challenges:

Keyword Research and Content Strategy: I conducted in-depth SEO keyword research and created a comprehensive content strategy. This strategy included the development of 2-3 new pages and articles each month to cover keywords with growth opportunities.

Technical SEO: I addressed the website’s technical issues, including slow speeds, by changing the hosting and optimizing image sizes. This improved the overall SEO health and enhanced the user experience.

Backlinks: I curated 5 relevant and quality backlinks monthly to improve the website’s domain authority and organic visibility.

Press Release: I published a press release announcing the company’s launch in Australia to over 300+ media outlets in the Asia Pacific, improving brand exposure and reach.

The Results

Boost in Website Visibility

After seven months of meticulously tailored SEO implementation, the website’s visibility experienced a remarkable improvement. The number of clicks surged from a mere 81 to an impressive 736(+809%), indicating a substantial rise in user engagement. Additionally, website impressions grew significantly, rising from 48,419 to 58,937.

Screenshot 2023 05 30 at 01.22.53 Case Study: Salvaging Failed SEO for a UX Design Agency

Increase in Click-Through Rate

The enhanced visibility translated into a higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR). The CTR improved from a low 0.2% to a healthier 1.2%, indicating that a larger proportion of users who saw the site in search results clicked on it.

    Screenshot 2023 05 30 at 11.05.35 Case Study: Salvaging Failed SEO for a UX Design Agency

    Organic Lead Generation

    Perhaps the most crucial result was the organic generation of leads. The previously underperforming website was transformed into a potent lead-generating tool. Consequently, the client could onboard new customers requiring their website and mobile app design services directly through organic SEO traffic. This turnaround underscores the transformative potential of a well-executed SEO strategy.

    5 Case Study: Salvaging Failed SEO for a UX Design Agency


    The SEO implementation successfully revitalized the UX design and development agency’s online presence, increasing its visibility, engagement, and organic lead generation. By addressing past shortcomings, implementing tailored strategies, and leveraging the power of SEO, the agency positioned itself as an industry leader and achieved tangible business growth.