SEO Case Study: Amplifying Global Presence for a Web3 User Experience Agency in Taiwan

Project Summary

This SEO optimization project for a Taiwan-based Web3 User Experience (UX) Design agency aimed to enhance global website visibility and drive member acquisition for their newly formed Discord community.

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Client’s Challenge

The client, a Web3 User Experience (UX) agency based in Taiwan, designs and crafts innovative products such as crypto wallets and trading platforms for global clients.

Their strengths lie in in-depth user research and creating insightful content. Aspiring to establish themselves as leaders in Web3 product design, they faced a significant hurdle: their website was not generating sufficient traffic to highlight their expertise and thought leadership.


The primary objective of the SEO project was to improve website visibility, thus helping the client gain recognition as an industry leader in Web3 product design.

During the final month of the project, the client introduced a new objective. They wanted to establish a Discord community and intended to utilize SEO traffic to increase membership.

Strategy and Implementation

Over the six-month project period, my strategy was twofold:

Technical SEO and On-Page Optimization: The project began with an in-depth SEO health check to identify any technical issues hampering website performance. I improved the site’s Pagespeed and overall technical SEO by providing targeted solutions. Simultaneously, I conducted extensive keyword and content research, forming the basis of a robust content strategy.

Content Strategy Execution: As the SEO editor, I oversee the implementation of SEO best practices, facilitating the client’s ability to reach their target audience. By effectively optimizing the content, the website’s online visibility is significantly enhanced.

Off-Page Optimization:  Further, I assisted the client in sharing their content on to enhance exposure and reach a broader audience. I consistently generate high-quality backlinks, which significantly contribute to the enhancement of the domain’s rank and its online visibility. These relevant backlinks are crucial in optimizing the website’s content and amplifying its overall performance.

The Results

Enhanced Visibility with Impressive Growth

A significant result of the project was the remarkable improvement in website visibility. The number of clicks on the website saw a significant jump from 167 to 1,027. This translates to an impressive 514% increase. Simultaneously, website impressions rose from 6,255 to a whopping 47,519, marking a staggering 659% growth. 

    Screenshot 2023 05 29 at 23.59.47 SEO Case Study: Boosting Global Presence for Web3 UX Agency

    Achieving Industry Leader Status 

    One of the standout achievements of the project was the website’s improved ranking for key industry-specific terms. The client’s website began to feature prominently in search results for several keywords related to Web3 product design. This solidified their online presence and reinforced their reputation as industry leaders in the competitive field of Web3 UX design.

      Nurturing the Growth of a Web3 Product Design Community

      As the SEO project neared completion, a second objective was introduced: to foster growth for the client’s newly established Discord community. Despite the challenging timeframe, I managed to leverage SEO to target the ideal audience. By identifying and capitalizing on winning keywords, the client was able to recruit over 100 users within a mere month through organic SEO traffic.

      But the growth didn’t stop there. After the completion of the SEO project, the community experienced continued organic growth. In the subsequent months, the community expanded to encompass over 300 members. This accomplishment further highlights the sustained impact of effective SEO strategies in attracting and maintaining a dedicated audience base.

      Untitled design 21 SEO Case Study: Boosting Global Presence for Web3 UX Agency


      This case study showcases the potential of well-planned and well-executed SEO strategies, from technical SEO optimization to content strategy, in enhancing website visibility and achieving business objectives. Whether the goal is industry recognition or community growth, SEO can serve as a powerful tool in digital marketing arsenals.