Case Study: Boosting Non-Brand SEO Traffic for a Loan Service Startup in Asia

Project Summary

This project entailed SEO optimization for an Asian startup providing loan services in Hong Kong and Singapore. The primary goal was to amplify non-branded global traffic to the website and increase the conversion rate, ultimately leading to higher revenue generation.

1 SEO Case Study - Boosting Non- Brand SEO Traffic for a Loan Service Startup in Asia

Client’s Challenge

The client, a rising startup in Asia offering loan services, primarily relied on their website for user conversion. This industry, particularly the personal loan sector, is highly competitive, with companies often resorting to expensive advertising campaigns to garner visibility and user conversion.

However, my client faced a distinct challenge: their website traffic was primarily generated from branded searches. This was a limitation, restricting their reach only to those already familiar with their brand and, consequently, narrowing their potential customer base.

Instead of focusing heavily on paid ads, the client wishes to leverage SEO to generate high-quality and relatively low-cost traffic. The core challenge I was set to address was enhancing their visibility in search results beyond their brand name. By doing so, the goal was to increase organic traffic and drive conversions, all while keeping the cost per acquisition affordable.


The primary objective of the SEO project was to boost non-branded traffic to the website. This included increasing rankings for specific keywords, improving the domain rating, and consequently, enhancing the conversion rate.

Strategy and Implementation

My comprehensive SEO strategy was twofold, involving both on-page and off-page optimization:

On-Page Optimization: I embarked on in-depth keyword analysis to enhance the on-page SEO to identify untapped growth opportunities that the website could leverage. Using these insights, I created 3-4 new pages and articles each month, strategically incorporating the identified keywords to improve rankings.

I conducted a semantic review quarterly, ensuring the content remained relevant, well-structured, and keyword-optimized. These regular checks allowed me to maintain high-quality, user-friendly, and search engine-friendly content.

Simultaneously, I performed regular SEO health checks to enhance the technical aspects of SEO. This included checking for issues related to website loading speed, mobile optimization, broken links, and other technical SEO aspects.

Off-Page Optimization:  I secured 5-6 quality backlinks each month, enhancing the website’s credibility and visibility in search engine results.

The Results

466% Growth in
Non-Brand Keywords

One of the standout results of the project was the substantial increase in the number of non-brand keywords that the website ranked for. Starting from a baseline of 148, the figure soared to 838 over 12 months. This represents a remarkable 466% growth, demonstrating the effectiveness of the in-depth keyword analysis and strategic content creation I implemented.

    3,790% Increase in
    Non-Brand Traffic

    Corresponding with the rise in non-brand keywords, the website’s monthly traffic from these keywords also saw a phenomenal surge. The figures skyrocketed from a mere 120 to a staggering 4,668 visits per month. This translates to a substantial 3,790% growth in non-brand traffic, which underscores the success of the SEO strategy in enhancing the site’s visibility and attracting a broader audience.

      Significant Boost in
      Domain Rating

      The domain rating, an essential indicator of a website’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines, saw an impressive increase as well. Throughout the project, the rating rose from 14 to 40. This result highlights the effectiveness of my off-page optimization strategy, particularly in consistently securing high-quality backlinks.

        Consistent Conversion Rate Achieved

        The website achieves a steady 2% conversion rate throughout the project periodand. Considering the website’s increased non-brand traffic, this consistent conversion rate translated to a considerable revenue increase for the client. This result highlights the success of the SEO strategy to not only enhance website traffic and visibility but also to drive meaningful engagement that leads to real business outcomes.

          2 SEO Case Study - Boosting Non- Brand SEO Traffic for a Loan Service Startup in Asia


          This case study demonstrates how a well-implemented SEO strategy can substantially improve a website’s non-branded organic visibility and traffic. By employing a holistic approach encompassing on-page and off-page optimization, I significantly enhanced the client’s digital presence, leading to increased organic traffic and improved conversion rates.